Bride throws wedding for herself, is loneliest bride ever

A single woman in Melbourne, Australia threw a wedding for herself because that’s women these days when they’re lonely and dear God, what’s happening to mankind. The wedding included 100 guests, a lavish cake, friends and family, a spectacular ballroom—pretty much everything you’d want in a perfect wedding, except for one minor detail, the groom.

Huffington Post

Mary-Ann was upset she was single at 30 (I wonder why) and decided to throw this soiree.

“She knew it was a bit crazy but she thought ‘well instead of having a 30th why not do this and invite all of my friends?’

“She did the whole wedding herself. She wore the white dress and everything and she wasn’t ashamed. She had a bridal table and she sat up there at the bridal table all proud. She didn’t do a ceremony but it was a full reception. She went and had her photos done with her bridal party all around Melbourne. It cost her a fortune.

But wait, the story doesn’t end there. During the ceremony, a co-worker who had a crush on Mary-Ann stepped up to the plate.

“When it got to the part where you do the bridal waltz, he came clonking in wearing this whole big suit of armour and got down on his knee but she didn’t know who it was in there. When he pulled back his little visor he said ‘I’ve loved you forever. Would you consider going out with me?’

“It was really sweet. They ended up getting married a year later to the day.”

Did I say this story happened in Australia? I meant Narnia and there were unicorns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. I honestly don’t know what’s real anymore.

I want to be mad at this woman, I want to hate her for the attention whoring. But I find myself intrigued by her stupidity and the stupidity of her knight in shining armor.