Brolly uses brass knuckles as an umbrella handle for texting in the rain

We’re big fans of putting brass knuckles on things. Brass knuckles on a coffee mug? Sure! Brass knuckles on a chainsaw? Why not? Brass knuckles on an umbrella? It’ll make riding the bus just that much more fun!

Of course, the real intent of Brolly is not to encourage assaults on public transit. It’s to make it easier for your to text while using your umbrella.

Essentially, the brass knuckles form factor means you can use four fingers to hold up the umbrella while your thumb is free to text, as this video that I’m not entirely sure isn’t satiric in the opening demonstrates:

Somebody needs to add those opening shots of clumsy texters to Infomercial Hell. Anyway, while you do kind of have to wonder what kind of person is so addicting to texting that they can’t just wait to get indoors to take care of it, this might also be of use to people with arthritis and other conditions.

Sadly, there seem to be no plans for an assault Brolly in the future, but we can dream. The Brolly will run you $20.

Brolly [Official Site]