Bryce Harper receives 11 stitches after nasty collision with wall

Bryce Harper went face first into the outfield wall trying to run down a fly ball last night. He walked off the field under his own power but later received 11 stitches. Here’s a look at the brutal collision.

It appears as if Harper’s chain was the culprit of his cut, garroting him in bizarre fashion.


Fellow outfielder Denard Span weighed in after the game.

“The way he ran into the wall, he definitely had no idea where he was (in relation to it),” Span said. “As soon as he ran into it his body locked up. I’ve never seen anybody run into the wall like that. “I just was like ‘Is he going to stop?’ And he just kept going.”

Not sure what Bryce was thinking or if he was thinking at all. Thankfully, he’s coming away relatively unscathed. could have been a lot worse.