Bud Light Superstition Machine is oddly entertaining

You only have three more weeks during which it’s acceptable to drink at home on a Monday night, so take full advantage of Monday Night Football with Bud Light’s strangely enjoyable live superstition machine.

It seems like the Bud Light superstition campaign has been going on forever. I had all but abandoned ship until the queen-o commercial came along. Apparently they built an actual superstition machine though, and it’s been running live all season during Monday night football. Last week was the first time I tuned in, and now I feel like I’ve been missing out.

Fans vote for their favorite team, and when one hits 500 that week’s fan superstition is brought to life by the machine. That often entails torturing the two hosts for our entertainment. Luckily none of the superstitions have involved sitting on the couch in whitey tighties. The live stream is inexplicably entertaining, so check it out if you’re sitting at home while the Cowboys dismantle the Bears tonight.