Budweiser introduces Black Crown for the Super Bowl


Anheuser-Busch is rolling out another new beer just in time for the Super Bowl. Last year it was Bud Light Platinum; this year it’s Budweiser Black Crown.

While you may no know it by name, you’ve heard about this beer before. Black Crown is actually the winner from Budweiser Project 12. From twelve recipes came six test batches. From that came three beers in a sampler pack. The 6% ABV golden amber lager from Los Angeles was then declared the best of the best and will hit shelves solo in February.

“People respond really well to Budweiser Black Crown, which has a little more body and color and a touch more hop character than our flagship Budweiser lager,” said Sullivan, who heard from beer drinkers during a sampling program at the Budweiser Made in America music festival over Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia. “As brewmasters we spend most of our time in the brewhouse. Project 12 gave us a chance to hear firsthand from the people we brew our beers for. Budweiser Black Crown is a great beer and it is a thrill for our whole brewing team to see it launch with a Super Bowl spot.”

AB-InBev’s plan to fight back against the craft beer movement is clear. They’re adding beers (Black Crown, BL Platinum, Beck’s Sapphire) that move the needle slightly in the craft direction while not abandoning the reason they’re so popular. Black Crown has more flavor that your standard Bud Heavy but doesn’t move into the realm of full-flavor, often high-priced, beer.

For those dedicated to craft beer, this probably won’t do that much for you. This is meant to appeal to the Shock Top (AB) and Blue Moon (SABMiller) crowds, and I think it succeeds in that realm. It certainly went over well with my friends who tend to avoid what’s normally in my fridge.