Whoever Spray-Painted A Penis On This $2.5 Million Bugatti Veyron Should Be Charged With Treason

Spray-painting anything on a Bugatti Veyron should be considered heresy or treason, the person responsible for this should be locked in a dungeon for the rest of their days.

The Bugatti Veyron can run for around $2.5 million, and is perhaps the most exquisite street legal car in existence.

Complex UK:

One of the world’s most iconic cars, the Bugatti Veyron, known to many as one of the only cars you can legally drive on the road, but still pack a punch of over 1,200bhp – has unfortunately been on the end of a rather crude attempt at graffiti.

Spotted in Seattle, Washington, there’s naturally been a mixed reception to the penis graffiti, and since the photo recently emerged on Reddit, many have condemned the act: “that’s not a prank. That’s vandalism and destruction of property” whilst others have seen the more humorous side of things.

They’ve since updated the report with a link to this Instagram (below), which has a caption claiming that the graffiti artist had permission to deface this piece of artwork….and I do not give two shits or not if they did it all as part of a prank. They’re scumbags for defacing a car this rare, and whether or not everyone was in on it is irrelevant.

H/T to Nate at BarstoolSports & ComplexUK


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