Burger King wants you to know we’re all the same on the inside, gay or Whopper

In honor of #Pride week Burger King released the ‘Proud Whopper.’ Different on the outside from a regular Whopper, but same on the inside.

Obviously it’s going to take the patrons a while to come to the epiphany that the burger with a different name is actually the same. I mean, that’s just intentional trickery.

If I was at the strip club getting a dance from a Russian dancer and she began speaking Polynesian to me, only to then tell me in Polynesian that she is in fact Russian and just speaks Polynesia to confuse me, I’d be all “Less talky, more dance-y.”

My point being, good job Burger King on showing everyone that we’re all the same, but you didn’t need to intentionally trick anyone to prove your point.


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SOURCE: Reddit/BurgerKing