Catholic church allows 11-year-old Philly girl to play football with boys


Back in January, we told you the story of Caroline Pla—an 11-year-old who wasn’t allowed to play boys football anymore thanks to the CYO. Well, it only took two months of nonsense and social media pressure before they reversed course.

Who says the Catholic church isn’t progressive?

“At the direction of the Archbishop, the Archdiocese will allow for co-ed participation in CYO football, effective in the 2013 season,” the Archbishop’s office said in a statement. “This approval is provisional. The decision will be reviewed and revised in the coming several seasons, as judged appropriate by the Archdiocese.”

Pla is no pushover on the gridiron. She’s played football since the age of five and last year was chosen as a league All-Star. But someone complained. Someone poo-pooed the idea of girls playing with boys. Because it was a Catholic league, the church had to step in and make a ruling.

They made the wrong one initially and saw the error of their ways. A repentance of sort. Good for them and good for young Caroline.