Charles Ramsey gets fake Big Mac named after him

When Charles Ramsey rescued Angela Berry and two other girls from Ariel Castro, everyone assumed he’d eat McDonald’s free for life. We’ve heard nothing from Ronald yet, but Charles Ramsey did get a burger named after him.

Screencap | Fox8

Hodge’s Cleveland has created the “Ramsey Burger” as a tribute to the local hero. It’s one 8oz all-beef patty, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, (no) onions, on a sesame seed bun. Sound familiar? It’s a nod to the Big Mac that Charles Ramsey was eating when he responded to the the distress calls from the trapped women. It’s clever. Almost too clever.

This isn’t just some random burger joint in town trying to capitalize on Charles Ramsey’s new-found fame. Ramsey works at Hodge’s as a dishwasher. It’s a fitting tribute to an employee who did something amazing. It’s also a good thing he happened to have the day off, so someone give the guy in charge of scheduling a pat on the back as well.

Hodge’s is also selling t-shirts with Charles’ beautiful visage on the front. 100% of the profits from the shirts is going to the victims.

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