Cheerleaders forced into fight club by coach

Pacific Palisades high school has suspended a coach after she forced cheerleaders to settle their disputes in a fight club. At one point the coach moved her desk out of the way and began to play music to encourage the blood bath.

A Tyler Durden approved method.

After the initial incident, the coach asked the girls to lie about where they received bruises and black eyes. She even told one mother that her daughter “caught an elbow” during a stunt.

The coach expressed shock over what happened and offered to help however she could.

“We try at all costs to protect our kids. And then for it to be an adult who hurt her is like, it’s amazing,” said Cimone’s mom, Tonya Humes.

And yes, the fighting all started because of a boy. Men amirite? Responsible for 50% of fights worldwide, 99% of which are of the cat variety.