Cindy Crawford and Stacy Keibler get sexy for Casamigos tequila

If you want to walk in and find Cindy Crawford and Stacy Keibler in bed together, you better start drinking George Clooney’s Casamigos tequila·

I’m not sure this is the right message to send in an ad. If you drink Casamigos tequila your wife will bang George Clooney? I think we can all agree our girlfriends would sleep with him dead sober. It would be the first time someone found out their girlfriend cheated on them from an ecstatic Facebook status. I do appreciate the smooth jam, “Let’s straighten it out,” though. If there’s one thing tequila is good for, it’s straightening out problems.

The short was written and directed by Clooney, so I’ll just go ahead and say he should get Oscar for this. Why? The line he utters upon walking in and finding Cindy Crawford and Stacy Keibler together after what our imaginations demand was a wild romp – “What’s up?” I think we all know what’s up, George.