Cobra iRadar Atom makes it easy to avoid speed traps

Radar detectors are not necessarily the greatest thing: After all, you’re not supposed to be speeding for a reason. On the other hand, some roads are naturally minded not by reasonable officers but by that one jerk who pulls you over for going 36 in a 35. For that guy, the Cobra iRadar Atom will be handy.

The iRadar is essentially a radar detector that works with your iPhone, as this video demonstrates:

You set it up, hook up your iPhone, and as you drive, the iRadar picks up signals and transmits them not just to you, but also to everybody using the iRadar app. As you gather more information, speed traps become more obvious and you can avoid whipping by at the wrong pace. It also lets you figure out where exactly people won’t be speeding, so you can pull into the left lane and drive the guy who cut you off crazy.

The Atom is basically an improved radar detector for the app: It nearly doubles the effective range, and an under-the-hood version is available. It’ll run you $200 to the original’s $129, but hey, double the range!