Coke’s ‘Coming Together’ fights back against obesity claims

Coca-Cola is fighting back against Fatty McFatpants with a new ad campaign meant to show that Coke isn’t the enemy. It’s too late to reform Nanny Bloomberg and New York, but could this repair their image?

I’ve never put the blame on Coke like some people have. My stance is that when you drink a 64-ounce soda, you know exactly what you’re consuming. 140 calories/serving isn’t bad, and it’s certainly not going to make you fat. Yes, they’re empty calories, but they’re also delicious calories. The problem is when you elect to drink five servings per meal. If you sit down with a 2-liter and a pizza, you no longer deserve the right to displace blame.

I don’t think the polar bear wranglers over at Coke should have to defend themselves, but they did manage to make a pretty convincing argument anyway.