British inventor builds huge ass machine, farts at France

Colin Furze is a hero in my book, he’s just finished building his huge ‘ass’ machine with the sole purpose of farting at France. Bravo Colin Furze, bravo.

Colin Furze first popped up on my radar a few days ago when he published this video, in which he builds a giant ass machine designed with the sole purpose of farting at France. His plan was to take this massive and glorious ass machine to Dover, fire up the blazing farts, and point that sh*t in the direction of France. Because why the hell not?!? Here’s the end result:

Anticlimactic? Perhaps, a little, but who cares?! This genius builder put together a machine with the SOLE PURPOSE OF SENDING FLAMING FARTS AT FRANCE. He’s a hero, no matter what soil he’s stepping foot on.

For more on the construction of the machine you head over here to!


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