College Humor film ‘Coffee Town’ red band trailer

College Humor made a feature film, Coffee Town, starring Dennis from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’m sure the actor has a real name, but it feels like he’s playing the same character.

Coffee Town is a workplace comedy for the generation that increasingly doesn’t work out of a traditional office. When a 30-something website manager who uses local café as his office learns of plans to convert the space into a bar, he enlists the help of his two best friends to help save his freeloading existence.

The plot sounds like something drawn from real life. I could see one of the College Humor guys sitting in a coffee shop all day while the self-important barista gives him the stink eye. I know CH has an office, but every writer has put in time at a coffee shop for at least a week at some point. It only takes a moment for brilliance, or idiocy in this case, to strike.

“I wanna be a thug. I didn’t load up my iPhone with Kayne just so I could go jogging.”