Combine Jay-Z and ‘Chrono Trigger’ and you get ‘Chrono Jigga’

It’s a lot like Wiz Khalifa’s Never Been, except Chrono Jigga is a whole lot better.

2 Mello

I know the song has its fans, but I found Wiz Khalifa’s lyrical skills to be somewhat lacking (feel free to state how wrong you think I am in the comments; it shall be summarily ignored), plus the wholesale sampling of Schala’s Theme from the SNES JRPG classic to be on the lazy side.

Whereas Chrono Jigga combines some of the best that Jay-Z has to offer, specifically cuts from The Blueprint and The Black Album, mixed with both straight up SNES samples plus orchestral arrangements.

As Destructoid notes, and like so many things, the project started as a goofy little side project by 2 Mello that simply took a life on its own…

If you like what you hear, you can download the entire thing here.