Confused Florida bro misinterprets war on drugs, attacks his bro with weed

Whether he confused the phrase ‘take a hit’ or misinterpreted the War on Drugs, we’ll never know. But some FL guy made news by attacking his brother with marijuana plants.

Rodney Brown, 31, of Polk County, allegedly got in to an altercation with his 33yr old brother Jackie Brown (not the one from the movie), and proceeded to rip up his cannabis plants (up to 3ft tall) and attack his brother with said plants.

Clearly this man’s a genius, right? What better way to piss off your brother than both ruin his cash crop AND THEN slap him in the face with it? To me this is the adult equivalent of the “I’m not touching you, I’m not touching you” kids are so fond of.


The main difference being that one of those blokes of course ended up getting arrested for being in possession of illegal drugs. Wait, didn’t I say he’s a genius? I guess it’s sometimes hard for me to discern between genius level crime and typical Floridian shenanigans.

Rodney Brown was arrested on drug charges as well as domestic battery.


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