9 crazy beer flavors you’ve never tried

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Have you ever just had to try a beer because its flavor sounded so different from your normal choice? We’ve rounded up some crazy beer flavors that are begging to be tried. What’s the strangest beer you’ve ever tasted?

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9 Pizza Beer

The Pizza Review, Flickr

This pizza beer is brewed with oregano, basil, garlic and tomato for a robust pizza taste that, well, probably goes pretty well with pizza. At least it’s not brewed with cheese and dough.

Photo credit: The Pizza Review, Flickr

8 Bacon Maple Beer

jeffreyw, Flickr

Rouge’s Bacon Maple Ale sounds pretty tongue-‘splodingly delicious. It’s flavored after the famous Oregonian doughnut purveyor Voodoo Doughnut’s bacon maple doughnut. Not sure whether it will cause a heart attack or just your average drunkenness.

Photo credit: jeffreyw, Flickr

7 Dog Beer

AMagill, Flickr

Flavored like beefy, steak-y goodness, this beer is made for dogs, by dogs. Okay, maybe not by dogs, but certainly by dog-lovers. Its name, Kwispelbier, means “tail-wagging” beer. It’s non-alcoholic and is said to have nutritional value for dogs. Plus, what owner that loves hanging out with their dog hasn’t wanted to share a beer with them?

Photo credit: AMagill, Flickr

6 Kid’s Beer

Davy Clu, Flickr

Lord knows what kind of attitude toward drinking this will put into kid’s heads from a very young age, but yes, kid’s beer exists. This Japanese company’s beer for children has been successful enough to offer their product in a variety of format (bottles, cans, six-packs) and has even expanded to non-alcoholic wine, champagne and cocktails. The beer happens to taste like apple juice and produce some foam at the top. That doesn’t sound all that far off from sparkling cider. But hey, some parents want the best for their little budding alcoholics.

Photo credit: Davy Clu, Flickr

5 Creme Brulee Beer

toolmantim, Flickr

Named after the torched, sugary custard dessert, this Creme Brulee Beer is an intensely sweet Imperial Milk Stout that has a deceptively high ABV of 10%.

Photo credit: toolmantim, Flickr

4 Banana Bread Beer

GoodNCrazy, Flickr

This banana bread beer is tough to find in the States and if you can it’s pretty expensive…but hey, it’s worth it. This beer has a not overwhelming flavor of freshly-baked banana bread, especially in its aftertaste.

Photo credit: GoodNCrazy, Flickr

3 Seaweed Beer

flythebirdpath, Flickr

Kelpie Seaweed Ale is a Scottish brew made for those want to feel the fresh Scottish sea breeze gracing the space underneath their kilt. Surprisingly enough, it’s known for tasting of sweet, malty-salty chocolate.

Photo credit: flythebirdpath, Flickr

2 Chocolate Donut Beer

Jack Hebert, Flickr

Chocolate Donut Stout is brewed in Virginia by Shenandoah Brewery, has a nice ABV of 6.5% and is known for its sweet, sour salty, bitter-ish, chocolatey malt flavor.

Photo credit: Jack Hebert, Flickr

1 Chili Beer

jakeprzespo, Flickr

Rogue’s Chipotle Ale is golden, malty, smooth, crisp and has the delicate, smoky presence of the delicious chipotle pepper.

Photo credit: jakeprzespo, Flickr

(Previously published on February 25, 2013.)