Cyclist Peter Sagan grabs podium girl’s butt


Turns out, grabbing a podium girl’s butt is frowned upon in this establishment. Who knew. Slovakian cyclist Peter Sagan goosed a woman following the Tour de Flanders in Belgium. A race he finished in second.

But hey he’s first in our book, right fellas? Amirite?

Yea, this is embarrassing for all parties involved.

As the women leaned in to give the Swiss champion the customary peck on the cheek, Sagan extended a cheeky hand of friendship – and goosed the blonde. Cue social media outrage.

Sagan later apologized on Twitter.

Someone? Hey pervert Pete, she has a name. By the way, not the first time Sagan has publicly objectified women. Here he is signing a fan’s boobs. This, despite the fact she never offered them up for autograph.

(unrelated, check out the kid’s reaction)

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