Dad Photoshops Baby Into Dangerous Situations Whenever Mom Checks In To See If Daughter Is Okay


Kenny Deuss of Antwerp, Belgium is not your average dad. Deuss, the father of a 20-month-old baby girl named Alix, has gone viral on the internet thanks to his excellent sense of humor and Photoshop skills.

“When we had our daughter and my girlfriend had to go back to work, she asked me in messages all the time if I could send a photo so she knew Alix was safe,” Deuss tells Belgian news outlet Het Laatste Nieuws. “Then I decided to make something fun out of it. I always showed our daughter in a different dangerous situation.”

Deuss says he’s had a little training with Photoshop, and since he works in a youth center he’s been doing a lot more babysitting at home thanks to the ongoing pandemic.

The first image he shared on Instagram shows his baby daughter reading a book alongside him titled How To: World Domination. Little does she know…

However, the first real dangerous fictional situation he posted showed Alix, in a full space uniform, waiting for a ride to the moon.

Which she then appeared to receive.

Deuss began gaining noteriety this week for the comical images of his daughter with a post on Reddit.

A year ago I started sending my GF these photos whenever she asked if the baby was ok from r/funny


It’s truly fantastic, and thankfully for him, Alix’s mom agrees.

“She thinks it’s brilliant,” says Deuss. “The first time she probably doubted a bit whether it was real or not. But usually I take the photos in such a way that it doesn’t look too real. But the intention is that you have doubts.”

Now he says he creates a new picture of his daughter every week.

“In many photos I just hold Alix and then cut myself away,” he reveals. “Then I add a specific decor to create a dangerous situation.”



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