Dan Dakich absolutely owns former UM scrub on Twitter

Attention everyone, attention! This is how you eviscerate someone on Twitter. ESPN’s Dan Dakich, who called last night’s televised sodomy between UM-MSU, took to Twitter today to address one of his critics. That critic was Anthony Wright. Now, that name shouldn’t ring a bell for most of you, unless of course you’re a diehard Wolverine. That’s because Wright played for Michigan in a reserve role for 3 seasons. He transferred from the program in 2010 after his minutes were drastically cut.

Anyways, Wright was not impressed with Dakich’s commentating and tweeted, “shut up” and “have a seat.” Dakich responded in kind.

Simple and straightforward yet extremely effective. A kinder version of “you suck donkey balls.” Wright probably should have let it go and escaped to his small corner of the internet. But no, he’s come back with fists of fury.

You hear that Dan, Anthony Wright’s coming for you? I suggest finding the nearest basketball hoop and standing on top of it. Judging from Wright’s day in Ann Arbor, he won’t come close to hitting you.