7 dating sites and the type of woman you’ll find on them

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The world of online dating can be a tough nut to crack. On the way to finding a special woman you’ll have to avoid, endure and interview a host of characters, weirdos and special, special cases. In a way it’s fun, but to really get to know what you’ll be dealing with you need to start off with a guide to different dating sites and who might be waiting for you out there. What type of women do you meet on Internet dating sites?

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7 OkCupid

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OkCupid is full of ultra-liberal wishy-washy hipster chicks who dress like they took a swan dive through a Salvation Army surplus bin and then walked out with whatever clung to them. They have free spirits and they want you to know it. If you’re into things like “grace” and “an urbane sense of fashion” instead of looking for actual compatibility and stability, you’ll practically be in heaven! Okay, hippie?

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6 JDate

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As the name implies, JDate is true blue Jew heavy (which is perfectly fine if you live in New York, Florida, New Jersey, or that one other state in the U.S. that has Jewish people in it). Believe it or not, there are chicks who use JDate that aren’t Jewish, but specifically want a Jewish man for some odd reason. Hate to break it to you ladies who are hoping to bag a lawyer/doctor husband, but not all of us are that smart and ambitious. On the upside, there are a lot of good looking J-chicks, plus JDate ain’t free, so these ladies take their online dating seriously, making them more reliable than most.

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5 Plenty of Fish

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POF is famous for its odd spectrum of unattractive sub-normal, socially awkward women with murky photo evidence of their actual existence at the low-end and plastic-ey hot, high maintenance ladies who love to go tanning and have bleach platinum blond hair but have the spelling and grammar prowess of a third grader all the way at the high-end.

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4 Match

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Match is filled with attractive elementary and special education teachers who love to go to the beach (or lake if they’re from the country), shop, and cheer for their local sports team regardless of whether they understand the actual sport. Seriously, that’s it. So if that’s what you’re looking for, then strap in, log on, and you’ll be swimming in a sea of good looking ladies. Just like JDate, Match charges a monthly fee, so they’re much more into actually following through and meeting people than your average OkCupid twit or POF princess.

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3 eHarmony

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eHarmony’s whole thing is that they make you answer tons of questions before allowing you to speak to anyone, let alone meet in person. The result? A bunch of super picky ladies that you may not like either. The concept of something only sounding good “on paper” has never been so true.

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2 Date Hookup

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Date Hookup is made up of a pretty interesting set of clientele. Most of the ladies here make sure to state explicitly that they don’t want to be a booty call, but in reality they’ll have sex with you on the first date so hard that they’ll send you right back to the bone age. Hood-rat booty princess central.

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1 Speed Date

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There’s basically no one here, and those that are here don’t even seem real. Where are all the women? Seriously, it’s like logging into Google+. Or going to see The Expendables in the theater.

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(Previously published on January 11, 2013.)