Did You Know Gaming takes a look at ‘Metroid’

by 7 years ago

Once again, the Did You Know Gaming YouTube channel has managed to compile nuggets of info that even the most diehard of Metroid fans (like myself) are totally clueless about.

I totally didn’t didn’t know that Samus was based upon Kim Basinger, nor did I ever realize how deep the Metroid/Aline connection truly is…

Man, my 15 year old self would have been so happy if Nintendo had kept with the plan and have Samus be naked when she dies in Super Metroid. My 35 year old self would be just as happy, as well.

Anyhow, time a bonus Did You Knowing clip, one centered on Mega Man. It’s not quite as accessible to non-gaming dorks like the one above, but regular folk might still dig hearing about the Guns N’ Roses connection, or that one racist looking boss…

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