Diddy gives PSA about counterfeit Ciroc

Counterfeit alcohol is nothing new, but this is the first I’ve heard of anyone making fake Ciroc. Of course, this is Diddy so his PSA says the reason you shouldn’t drink the fake Watermelon Ciroc is because “it’s not sexy.” Another good reason to not drink fake Watermelon Ciroc is that you could die, but apparently that’s secondary. If the booze isn’t legit, you never know what you’re ingesting. I haven’t heard any stories about an increase in people dying or going blind from fake vodka, so you’re probably safe in that regard.

I’ll give the counterfeiters credit. It’s one hell of a good match. It’s almost as if they got their hands on a supply of legit Ciroc bottles. Maybe this is all just a brilliant marketing scheme by Diddy.

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