DMV won’t let vegan have ‘vulgar’ tofu license plate

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Whitney Calk works in marketing for the Murfreesboro division of PETA. The girl loves her tofu.

She wants to tell others she loves tofu in the form of a vanity plate. Tennessee won’t allow it. Here’s what happened according to the Daily News Journal.

A local PETA employee who wanted a license plate declaring her love of tofu was turned down by the state due to a misinterpretation of the message, she said.

Whitney Calk, an assistant manager for youth marketing with PETA, filed paperwork to get a license plate reading “ILVTOFU” when she moved back home to Murfreesboro from Virginia in 2011, she said. The text was rejected for being vulgar.

Oh, so this is all just a huge misunderstanding! She doesn’t love to F! She loves tofu! Silly Tennessee. Alright, go ahead and give her the plates.

If this pretentious prick can have vanity plates, a vegan should be allowed to have her personal plates.

[via Gawker]

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