Dogfish Head and Beer Advocate team up for Crown-Breaker Artisan Ale

Dogfish Head teamed up with the brothers behind Beer Advocate to create Crown-Breaker Artisan Ale for the 10th Annual Extreme Beer Fest. To make things extra challenging, they elected to stay within the Reinheitsgebot limitations.

Beer Advocate is best known as a home for beer reviews, conversations, and bitching, but they do much more than that. There’s no better example than the Extreme Beer Fest. While I love craft beer because it’s just flat out better, it’s the creativity of the brewers that really draws me in. An event like this gives the brew-wizards a chance to really push the envelope and try something obscure that normally wouldn’t fly for fiscal reasons. Small breweries are already bolder than their jumbo counterparts, but this is a whole new level of originality.

If you’re anywhere near Boston and didn’t get a ticket to Extreme Beer Fest, shame on you. No, don’t bother now; it’s sold out.