If You Don’t Own A Dash Cam Yet You’ll Buy One Immediately After Watching This FAIL Compilation

In many parts of the world (cough…Russia…cough) dash cams are a necessity if you’re a driver these days. You need them in order to prove just how moronic the other drivers on the road are.

Each week we see a new dash cam video that’s seemingly the most insane dash cam video ever recorded, then the next week it’s topped. Thankfully the dudes over at FAIL Army put together a compilation of all the most insane dash cam FAILs ever recorded, so now we can stop watching these videos individually and really get down to the nitty gritty.

Fail or not, this chick deserves an award for her stupidity (apologies if she was sick/ill/unable to perform her driver duties and I’m just being an asshole here):

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