Wonder what ‘Downton Abbey’ for Super Nintendo would be like?

Probably not, but whatever the case might be, Downton Abbey for Super Nintendo would look an awful lot like following. I think?

I actually have zero idea if it’s all that faithful to the source material, since I’ve never seen an episode. I’m assuming it is, because who else but a diehard would even bother to conceive and execute such a thing?

I intended on checking out the show this weekend to both see how it somewhat compares and appease the half dozen of so pals who have been recommending it for ages now. But I simply had better stuff to do, like watching Doctor Who.

This girl I’m dating is a diehard fan, and there are certainly worse things to do to make a chick happy. Anyhow, back to the Downton Abbey game; it looks like every other crappy licensed title from the early 90s. Which I guess is the point, right?