These are the drunkest states in America

These are the drunkest states in America, ranked 50-1, because everyone needs to know where their home state stacks up against others in terms of alcohol consumption.

In their annual report this year, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s findings showed that the average American is drinking 2.33 gallons of hooch per year, and that the West leads the four regions in consumption (2.42 gallons) while the South (shockingly) comes in the lowest at 2.26gallons/pp.

But we’re not concerned with regions, right? All we really want to know is how our state compares to others on the 1-50 rankings. Our friends over at TheDailyMeal ranked 1-50 in detail, which you can read in full here, or you can check out the NIAAA study in further detail here… But for now, here’s the top 25 states ranked:

25. New Jersey-2.39
24. Iowa-2.39
23. Connecticut- 2.39
22. Missouri-2.42
21. Arizona-2.43
20. Hawaii-2.54
19. Massachusetts- 2.57
18. Louisiana-2.60
17. Oregon-2.65
16. Maine- 2.65
15. Wyoming-2.67
14. Minnesota- 2.70
13. Rhode Island-2.72
12. Florida-2.72
11. South Dakota-2.76
10. Idaho-2.76
9. Colorado -2.76
8. Alaska-2.82
7. Vermont-2.92
6. Montana-2.96
5. Wisconsin-3.00
4. Nevada-3.27
3. North Dakota- 3.42
2. Delaware-3.59
1. New Hampshire- 4.65

Gotta admit I’m slightly shocked that New Hampshire leads the nation in getting lit up, but then again, there’s really not much to do in New Hampshire other than hit the bottle. So I suppose in a way it makes perfect sense.

To see full data on each state consult the graphs below, or head on over to the full study HERE.


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