DryWired: Waterproof your smartphone inside and out

Smartphones are great machines, but waterproof they aren’t. And if you want a phone that can deal with shock and damage, you’ve generally got to either buy a hideous phone or an equally hideous case. DryWired would like to make both obsolete.


At root of this idea is nanomaterials. The DryWired process features a monomer that when heated turns into a gas. Your partially disassembled phone is flooded with this gas, and then the chamber it’s in is rapidly cooled.

The result? Your phone is waterproof both internally and externally: Spill some coffee on it and said coffee will just roll right off the screen.

It doesn’t mean you can take your phone with you scuba diving: DryWired claims that its process would only allow your phone to be under three feet of water for thirty minutes before it was at risk of failing.

But if you’re clumsy, or just sick of dealing with phone problems after a rainstorm, this might be the process for you. Unfortunately, it’s not clear how much it’ll cost yet: DryWired is pitching the process to resellers and manufacturers right now.

DryWired [Official Site]