Emma reinstated by WWE hours after release and here’s what’s really going on

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WWE Diva Emma has had some week.

On Monday, she gets pinched at Wal-Mart for allegedly stealing an iPod case. On Tuesday, her lawyer explained to the judge it was all a misunderstanding and she just got community service. On Wednesday, the WWE released a statement that Emma had been released and then, like an hour later, WWE makes a face turn and brings her back.

Does WWE Creative also handle human resources because this story is as convoluted as the typical WWE storyline.

Here’s my thinking — either

A.) Emma has something in contract about wrongful termination or the WWE released guys like Jack Swagger and Randy Orton have done much, much worse and those guys still have jobs. Emma is a woman and might sue the pants off the company. The last thing Vince and Co. needs is a lawsuit and another public black eye or…

B.) Vince is looking to trim budget again (allegedly $20 million) and a few of the cuts could be little used Divas. Emma is younger than most, has good ring ability and a good look. Now she’s got a potential angle because Vince loves turning real life into wrestling fiction. The Camel Clutch made a funny point in conversation the other day saying “Emma’s new gimmick should be things disappearing around the WWE locker room. One of them being the WWE Diva’s title.” Not a bad idea.

I’ll try and stay up to date with all the hirings and firings of Emma as the day progresses. 24 hour Emma watch.

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