Evil Toddler: A Meme You Should Know

The Evil Toddler is in a rarefied class of meme that makes you laugh before you even read the caption. I mean, let’s be honest, look at that picture of the Evil Toddler meme and try to not crack a smile. Oh, you didn’t smile? You must be real fun at parties. Remind me to ask you about the state of the economy and for your opinions on pop-culture.

First appearing on the web behemoth Reddit on October 19, 2012, Evil Toddler falls under the Advice Animals/Image Macro category, meaning that anyone who heads on over to Quickmeme.com is able to apply their own caption to this devilishly adorable toddler. Though this one is likely to resonate more with an older audience familiar with the saga that is child rearing, if you’ve ever had a younger sibling or cousin you’ll still be able to identify with this meme. I’m not sure the over-arching theme of the Evil Toddler meme requires much explanation but if you’re the type of person who needs something spelled out for you: he’s a menacing toddler who’s up to no good (likely at your expense). So without further ado I present to you The Evil Toddler: A Meme You Should Know.

If you want to add a caption of your own be sure to head on over to Quickmeme.com / Photo credits: Quickmeme.com