Tennis player loses his mind, smashes racquet, calls opponent a ‘gypsy’

So there’s this tennis player from Italy named Fabio Fognini and he’s kind of insane. I think the best way to describe him would be a mix of John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors…on bath salts. Anyway, during a recent match, Fognini called a Serbian player a gypsy and then Cobra Kai’d a tennis racquet. He’s not of sound mind, obviously.

Video of the racquet smashing:

And apparently he didn’t just call Filip Krajnovic a gypsy, he called him a shitty gypsy. Which honestly sounds a whole lot worse.

The Italian was heard to call Serbian qualifier Filip Krajinovic a “shitty gypsy” during his straight sets defeat in the second round of the Hamburg Open on Wednesday.

A video of Fognini showed him muttering the Italian word “zingaro”, meaning gypsy, while he had his back to Krajinovic during the match.

He later apologized on social media because that’s what people do these days after fucking up. The moral of the story here is that the ATP tour needs better drug testing. Also, bath salts are bad for you. You hear me kids?