50 Times We Laughed Our Friggin Asses Off On Facebook

It’s been quite some time since a ran one of these ‘Facebook Idiocy’ galleries. While ‘Facebook Idiocy’ used to be a weekly staple for me I’ve since moved on to posting weekly roundups of Tumblr and daily roundups of ‘The Best Damn Photos on the Internet’, and the last time I actually posted one of these ‘Facebook Idiocy‘ roundups was actually in March 2015.

I’m off to a bachelor party later today in Asheville, North Carolina and I don’t know what led me to this, but I thought that since I’ve got a shortened day and didn’t have time to round up the usual 80+ daily photos for you bros I’d share the best and worst Facebook posts I’ve seen over the past few months, the Facebook posts so funny you have to stop and wonder if humanity is doomed. So without further ado, here is the Guyism Facebook Idiocy once again!

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