Woman Eats Entire Bottle Of ‘Sleeping Pills’ To Prove Homeopathy Is Complete Bullshit

YouTuber ‘ScienceBabe’ is here to take a stand against CVS, Walgreens, and all the other drugstores who are selling ‘homeopathic’ bullshit, and she’s eating 50 pills on camera to prove just how fake these ‘HPUS’ remedies are.

Ever since I was in 4th grade and my mother tried to sneak some echinacea (which, for the record is NOT homeopathy, just deceptive) in to some drink she gave me I’ve been 100% against homeopathy. It’s bullshit, it’s deceptive, it’s expensive, and it doesn’t work. If you’re telling yourself that it works then you should probably just eat sugar pills and write ‘miracle drug’ on them. YouTuber ‘ScienceBabe‘ is trying to take a stand against drugstores and pharmacies selling ‘HPUS’ remedies under the guise of being worth a damn.

From HappyPlace:

This woman in the lab coat has finally had enough with homeopathic remedies that don’t work, and she wants to end it all.
To do that, she is proving that the pills that chain drug stores sell next to real medicine, products labeled ‘homeopathic’ and with active ingredients measured in ‘HPUS’ units, indicating that there is no measurable active ingredient, are not real medicine.
In fact, they are so ineffective that she could take an entire bottle of “sleeping pills” and not feel a thing.
Before you decide to take the entire-bottle-of-sleeping-pills challenge, DON’T. Science Babe has a masters degree in forensics (with a concentration in biological criminalistics and toxicology), and wants to be clear that the homeopathic remedies that CVS and Walgreens are putting their name on are different than products made with melatonin or benedryl, which actually work.
But the pills she is taking? “They have no fucking medicine.”
(She starts downing the drugs just after the 3:00 mark.)

So, let’s get started with the video…

The woman in the video has started a petition to stop the selling of this crap, and if you’re against being lied to by pharmacies then you can head on over HERE TO SIGN IT, and STOP eating fake homeopathic bullshit remedies.