8 scary but hilarious incidents of fans rushing a concert stage




There is a reason mega-famous musicians like Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga and even the Biebs roll with about twenty body guards at all times. Their fans are as crazy as they are.

Fans rushing the stage can be dangerous for everyone involved — from the performer, to the security people, and especially for the rabid fan just interested in touching their idol for a mere second. Performers and security don’t know if the person has a weapon and the lunatic fan can’t be sure security won’t deliver an ass beating just for fun.

While we’d never suggest trying this at a concert — you’re paying way too much to see these clowns already, don’t add bail and a fine to the overall charge to dad’s credit card — these videos are fun to watch.

Miley Cyrus gets blindsided in Melbourne, Australia

Demi Lovato gets unwanted hug in Paraguay, South America

Crazy Michael Jackson fan rushes singer and never lets go

Girl rushes stage at One Direction show, really doesn’t bother the band

Fan runs up on Nicky Minaj, gets an ass beating

Japanese fan takes stage with Lady Gaga and it looks like part of the show

Britney fan jumps on stage and Spears has greatest reaction ever

The only thing injured in this Justin Bieber stage rush is a piano