Oklahoma man loses cell phone at work — gets a call after it’s found in Japan

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Losing a cell phone is almost as tragic as losing a limb.

I’d imagine.

Alright, it’s not that dramatic, but losing the one item that contains every single important piece of information in life does suck. Especially when the realization sets in that you’ll probably never see the phone ever again.

An Oklahoma farmer lost his cell on the job. He dropped it into a pit containing 28,000 pounds of grain. He figured he never see it again. Then he got a phone call from Japan. Someone found his phone. How did it end up half way across the world? Cargo ship.

“I never expected to see that phone again,” he told KFOR-TV. It was a reasonable conclusion. Whitney’s phone was part of a grain shipment that left Chickasha for Inola, Oklahoma, where it sailed down the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers to Convent, Louisiana. Then, on a cargo ship, it went through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific Ocean, ultimately arriving in Kashima, Japan.

The most important question — did anyone screw with his bookmarked links on Pornhub? Second most important question — did the phone still work?

According to Whitney, he’s happy to have all of his old iPhone photos back in his possession. So that answers those two questions. Whitney’s phone works and he saves all his porn as photos.

And he spanked happily ever after.

[via Business Insider]

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