Female players forced to play without bras because of Wimbledon’s archaic dress code

Women were sent back to the locker room, ordered to take off their bras. Men were told their colored underwear were simply too much for the crowd. The Wimbledon dress code is out of control and one former player has had enough.

Australian tennis great Pat Cash went off on Wimbledon yesterday, calling the dress code ‘archaic.’

The 1987 Wimbledon champion told BBC Radio 5 Live some women were forced to play without bras after being sent back to change because “they had a slight colour on them”, with many lacking a suitable replacement.

One player was called into the referees’ office because his blue underwear “showed through when he got sweaty”, Cash said.

“It has gone absolutely ridiculous,” the 49-year-old commented.

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Here’s what was sent to players ahead of Wimbledon.

“Undergarments that either are or can be visible during play (including due to perspiration) must also be completely white and contain no more than 1cm of coloured trim.”

Somebody tell Wimbledon it’s 2014. Somebody tell Wimbledon that some of these women can’t find suitable bras in white. Somebody tell Wimbledon this is complete nonsense.


Photo via Wikimedia Commons