Fight breaks out in stands during hockey game—ref, goalie attempt to jump in

A nasty brouhaha broke out in the stands during a Dutch hockey league game. But that’s not the story here. The story here is the ref who tried to jump in. The story here is the goalie who tried to jump over the glass to beat some ass. The video here is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

There’s a back story here, obviously. The Toronto Star provides the details.

According to a report from, translated by, there was an altercation in the crowd last week during a round-robin game for the Netherlands Ice Hockey Association’s Larry van Wieren Cup between the Geleen Smoke Eaters and Eindhoven Kemphanen. Among the participants was the father of ref Ramon Sterkens and Eindhoven backup goalie Michael Sterkens.

Both sons were livid and tried to join the fight. Ramon attempted to leave the ice but was stopped by arena staff, who refused to open the Zamboni door while the linesmen tried to hold him back. Michael went another route, attempting to climb over the glass.

Just so we’re clear. Dad getting beat up in stands and you stop his sons from helping him? Uh, you’re not doing it right Netherlands.