Florida restaurant offering LION MEAT tacos!?!

Lions have been eating humans for years. Now it’s time to extract our revenge, one taco at a time.


Tampa restaurant Taco Fusion is under fire in Florida for its menu of exotic meats that include not only lion, but also shark, otter, camel, and beaver amongst others.

The Big Cat Rescue, also in Tampa, objects to the restaurant’s usage of the newly added lion taco but noted to local CBS affiliate WTVY that because lions aren’t endangered species, there are no rules against using them for meat.

Taco Fusion claims that all of the meat they receive is legal with the majority of the exotic meats imported from distributors in Illinois.

With a pound of lion meat retailing for $220 per pound, one lion taco from Taco Fusion will set you back $35.

Despite its impressive array of exotic meats matched with tortillas, the restaurant only has a two and a half star rating on Yelp.

How they haven’t combined lion, bear, and tiger meat into a combo platter yet boggles my mind. Sorry, Simba.