FOX affiliate uses women’s breasts for ‘Women’s Day’ report

Yesterday was Women’s Day at the Connecticut state Capitol. A FOX affiliate in Connecticut decided that this empowering day for women would be a great moment to use stock footage of women’s breasts.

The Connecticut chapter of the National Organization of Women chastised the station for its stupidity, telling the Hartford Courtant, “The airing of the footage is repugnant and is not of the level of a credible news organization.

“It is an insult to the female employees at Fox and to women throughout Connecticut.”

The station released an apology, saying, “The video should never have aired. FOX CT will publicly apologize on today’s newscasts, as well as through our social media platforms. We are also implementing procedures to keep this from happening in the future.”

The breasts of the women in the video were unavailable for comment as of press time.