Fox News upset over ‘Assassin’s Creed 3’ evil George Washington

With all the hubbub over the PS4, it was easy to almost miss Fox News’ latest salvo against video games. Though this time it’s not them turning kids into ruthless killers, but how they’ve become some anti-American propaganda thanks to the French.

First off, the aforementioned Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC that depicts an alternate future in which George Washington went mad with power and declared himself the king of America came out earlier this week…

It’s pretty awesome by the way, and I’m not just saying that as a history nerd AND Assassin’s Creed fanboy. Unfortunately, not everyone is impressed. Like Fox News, who after catching wind, published “French company releases video game depicting George Washington as villain to be assassinated”.

Gotta give credit when credit is due; they know how to do a lede like no one else…

A day after the United States honored George Washington, a French software company released a video game that depicts the first president as a tyrant who hangs people and must be assassinated.

Actually, the rest of the piece is not nearly as salacious as one might expect. They don’t refer to the French as “frog eating, beret wearing, Jerry Lewis-loving, SONS OF BITCHES!!!” as one might expect.

Though it is riddled with inaccuracies, as one might expect, like how they think it’s a stand-alone game, and is coming out for the Wii. But on the plus side, they actually tried getting a response from George Washington’s estate. Who are totally cool with the game, by the way.

Otherwise, it’s fairly it nice and chill, which is often the case for Fox News online, since they know it takes very little for their peanut gallery of a readership to take the ball and run with it…

How assinine…..if it wasn’t for the US of A, France would be speaking German now.

Let’s bomb France. They have been waging war against the US since the 1790’s.

Video games and the Frogs: both a waste of time!

Some American software company should make a similar game with an heroic French leader as it’s subject…oh wait…I forgot…there have been NO heroic Frenchmen.

The only villains that need to be assassinated are socialists. That would pretty much take care of the country of this games origin.

Maybe they got him confused with Obama?

Next they’ll be trying to convince us that Honest Abe didn’t wipe out hordes of vampires