Fraaiheid makes a table you can put together by hand

Most furniture you buy, especially flat-pack furniture, requires tools to build. Maybe it’s just a hex wrench and a T-wrench thrown into the back by IKEA, but it’s still tools.


Not the Fraaiheid table. Nope, for that you just need your bare hands.

The table, designed by three Dutch architects, is essentially machined entirely out of one slab of birch plywood, coated with another slab of high pressure laminate. It assembles using a series of slots and tabs: You basically click the table together, using the series of plus shapes you see built into the table itself. It supposedly can be assembled in three minutes once you get all the pieces unpacked.

It’s undeniably pretty neat, and it’s also apparently sturdy enough to serve as nightstand, coffee table, or dinner table, with multiple tables in the line.

Our main question is… can it be disassembled and put back in its box? Because if so, this might just be the ultimate apartment table. Think about it: With this thing in your kitchen, moving will be profoundly easier.

Fraaiheid [Official Site]