Frat guy dumped at ER by bros with an insane .471 BAC

Aidan Mohr began the night as your average Arizona State frat bro. And he ended the night as the most insane case of alcohol poisoning ever brought to a local Tempe, Ariz. hospital.

My Fox Phoenix

Mohr, 20, was dropped off by his frat brothers at the emergency room of Tempe’s Saint Luke’s Hospital with a Post-It stuck to him that declared his name.

Police say that Mohr had taken about 20 shots of tequila that night. He also clocked an insane .471 on a Blood Alcohol Content test.

At the hospital, things did not look good for the young man.

“He began to vomit, he was beginning to have difficulty breathing, his eyes rolled in the back of his head,” Tempe Police Sgt. Mike Pooley told My Fox Phoenix.

No charges are being filed despite the relative negligence. Mohr is expected to make a full recovery.