Frosted Mini Wheats sued because kids are still dumb

YouTube | Colin Joliat

Kellogg’s was sued for falsely claiming that Frosted Mini Wheats would make kids smarter. Kellogg’s has agreed to settle the class-action lawsuit for $4 million. Free cereal money for everyone!

The Lawsuit claimed that Kellogg falsely advertised that its Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal improved kids’ attentiveness, memory and other cognitive functions to a degree not supported by competent clinical evidence. Kellogg stands by its advertising and denies it did anything wrong.

“Not supported by competent clinical evidence.” That means they think the researchers are idiots, right? Maybe they would have been better at science if they started their days with Frosted Mini Wheats.

While Kellogg’s denies they were wrong, it’s still cheaper for them to payout than deal with a lengthy legal battle. $4 million as nothing to them. For you though, the $15 to which you’re entitled if you bought 3+ boxes of cereal in 2009 could be a fortune. I probably bough 12 boxes during that period, but I’m not selfish. I did get to eat the delicious cereal, so cash-back is just milk in the bottom of the bowl.

Here’s what I believe would be one of the commercials in question: