Full trailer for Disney’s ‘Planes’ takes flight

The older I get, the more I’m a sucker for kids’ movies. Disney’s Planes is basically the same thing as Cars, only it’s in the sky. The first full-length trailer for Planes feels like the post-climax montage in so many aerial-action movies. I can easily picture the end of Top Gun and all 47 Iron Eagle movies as I’m watching this.

While the jibber-jabberless trailer is a cool idea, it’s partly out of necessity. Planes was originally slated to be a direct-to-video movie, but gained enough momentum to get the feature film treatment. They brought in bankable voices late in the process, so they likely don’t have all the dialog finished. We heard Dane Cook talk shit to Val Kilmer in the original teaser, but other voices we have to look forward to are Brad Garrett, Cedric the Entertainer, John Cleese, Colin Cowherd, and Sindbad. F yeah, Sinbad!