George R.R. Martin brings middle finger with him to interview — uses liberally

This is the apex of irony.

George R.R. Martin is doing interviews to promote…what? Does Game of Thrones need promoting? He’s promoting something. He did an interview with a Swiss newspaper and the subject of his health came up. The line of questioning got Martin’s New Jersey blood boiling.

Game of Thrones mastermind George R.R. Martin talked to the Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger this week, and he brought his birdy finger with him. The interviewer expressed a growing concern among fans that the 65-year-old’s questionable health endangers the completion of his unfinished series, A Song of Fire and Ice. The author responded, “I find that question pretty offensive.” “When people start speculating about my death,” Martin said, “fuck you to those people.”

Well, well, well. The guy known for killing people doesn’t like it when people discuss his ultimate exit from this life. Interesting. But can you blame fans? Martin looks to be about three rack of ribs short of punching his ticket to heaven, Middle Earth or wherever his characters land after death.

If he doesn’t want people to bring up death maybe he shouldn’t mention it constantly.

Martin is probably penning a short story about this Swiss newspaper man right now. Spoiler: he dies.

[via Esquire]

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