Sports memes, screencaps and GIFs of the week


One lob to rule them all, a fantastic Harlem Shake troll and a Ric Flair strut headline this week’s edition of sports memes and gifs.

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32 Nova bench reaction

31 This is how you effectively taunt a ref

30 One lob to rule them all

29 The rare kick dig

28 The Westbrook crossover

27 R.I.P. Paul Bearer

26 Bro hug time

25 Monta Ellis doin’ the damn thing

24 Suge Knight in high school


23 The greatest Harlem Shake troll

22 Bill Parcells or skinny Ric Flair?


21 Bro, I ain’t tappin’ out

20 Kobe-Wedding Crashers quote mash-up

Guyism Composite

Guyism Composite

19 This is not how you ride a unicycle

18 Duke douche


17 Serena denied

16 Sign of the week


15 Exact moment girl falls in love with LeBron


14 Flop that caused a massive bench-clearing brawl

13 “They have ties you guys!” ~ESPN


12 Like a boss

11 Did you hear about Oprah’s tigole bitties?

Facebook/MLB Memes

10 Punch of the week

9 What else did he do with your mom?


8 Strut like Ric Flair

7 Your shirt is so descriptive


6 Unfortunate tryout of female kicker

5 Blake Griffin DERP


4 Move over bro

3 Can you spot it?


2 The red card that led to a man calling police

1 Chandler asks ref if he wants some extra dough