GIFterpiece Theatre: Slap you very much—an ode to slapping GIFs

Slapping is the ultimate insult right? Take a look at these classic slaps from popular culture.

Welcome to GIFterpiece Theatre–Guyism’s daily installment of the internet’s best GIFs. Check out some of our favorites from the world of celebs, TV, sports and humor.

15 Sweet dance move

14 Catfight!

13 Best movie slap

12 I’m Rick James?

11 We didn’t say what kind of slaps

10 Right?

9 And that’s what you get

8 Slapsgiving

7 This just looks abusive

6 Miss this show

5 YES!

4 Solid womanly slap

3 More Joffrey slaps they said

2 The booty slap combo with a pie to the face

1 The mother of all slaps