Golden State announcers call out Blake Griffin for flopping on flagrant foul

Blake Griffin the basketball player? Pretty good. Blake Griffin the actor? Pretty darn fantastic. Here’s a play from last night involving the aforementioned Griffin and the Warriors Festus Ezeli that resulted in a flagrant foul. As you’ll see, a simple grab of the arm leads to Griffin flailing his arms and legs in a spectacular fall.

The Warriors announcing team of Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald seem rather disgusted with Griffin’s flopping and call him out for it.

Just a few priceless quotes:

“So we know Blake Griffin’s been known to flop a little bit. Let’s see what happens here. He just threw himself up in the air didn’t he?
“Also, he lands with his arms but then grabs his head.”
“His head didn’t hit.”
“Because see, he’s a pretty good actor.”

Excellent stuff fellas. I, for one, am quite sick of the Griffin theatrics.